30 Jul - 5 Aug 2022, Athens, Greece


For non CIOR/CIOMR attendees, for your registration please use the follow link: BUY A TICKET.

It is scheduled to take place at the Congress Hotel - Wednesday 3rd August 2022.

This year's Symposium Theme : UKRAINIAN - RUSSIAN WAR

Brief Description CIOR Symposium

The CIOR Symposium is a working group reporting directly to Presidency. The main role of this group is to organize the Academic Day (called Symposium) within the Annual Summer Congress. Together with the Presidency and the Host Nation, the working group coordinates all the organization behind this conference. The event has usually a main theme and includes different sessions where well-known speakers highlight their point or view or share their experiences. The attendees of this Meeting are usually the participants of the CIOR, CIOMR and some external guests which provides an appropriate atmosphere for networking and debate.

Committee Tasks

Organize and execute the CIOR Symposium in accordance with Presidency Guidelines. This includes tasks such us coordinating the event with Host Nation, inviting speakers and all the logistics behind the event (venue, etc).

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