30 Jul - 5 Aug 2022, Athens, Greece


CIOR (Confédération Interalliée des Officiers de Réserve) is the Inter-allied Confederation of Reserve Officers. It consists of NATO member states and other participating nations with 34 countries in total, representing 1.3 million reservists. CIOR is the world's largest military reserve officers' organization.  Web page: CIOR

CIOMR (Confédération Interalliée des Officers Médicaux de Réserve) is an association, which brings together medical reservists and works with the COMEDS committee formed by the Heads of Medical Services of NATO member countries.  Web page: CIOMR

CISOR (Confédération Interalliée des Sous-Officiers de Réserve) is the Inter-allied Confederation of Reserve Non-Commissioned Officers. It consists of 14 NATO and affiliate member states in total.
CISOR cooperates formally on various projects with CIOR and CIOMR.  Web page: CISOR

Dear Fellow Reserve Officers

Zappeion Megaron,

It is with feelings of honor and true joy for the Greek Reserve Officers, represented by the “Supreme Panhellenic Federation of Reserve Officers”, we welcome tonight to our hospitable country, you, the representatives of all member states of the “Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers” and the “Interallied Confederation of Medical Reserve Officers” and of course the representatives of CISOR.

In cooperation with our Ministry of national Defense, under the auspices of which this congress is held, the SPFRO and its Organizing Committee has been preparing this Congress with proper care.

CIOR is a NATO-affiliated, non-political and non-profit umbrella organization of member nations’ national reserve officer associations. The CIOR founded in 1948 (year nineteen forty-eight) by the reserve officer associations of Belgium, France and the Netherlands. The relationship between CIOR and NATO is fully defined in the relevant NATO Military Committee Documents.

In fact, the Medical Reserve Officers had the inspiration and foresight to be the first to establish in Brussels our International Federation, which has since grown into a great Organization for Defense, Security, Democracy and Freedom.

As you already know, CIOR represents the interests of more than 1.3 (one point three) million reservists in 34 (thirty-four) participating nations within and outside NATO, making CIOR the largest organization of reservist military officers in the world.

Dear Fellow Reserve Officers,

Having this opportunity, I would like to point out the great importance of our Congress. The expanding and often historical experience demand alertness and close relations among the Reserve Officers of the allied countries. Your presence here is a clear message of unbreakable unity between free and democratic states, but also a fundamental act, a decision for reserve officers to stand up for non-negotiable values and ideals. Unfortunately, Putin's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine opens a new, bloody Chapter in History, which will certainly concern our own Congress as well.

After welcoming you again, I would like to thank you once again for your presence in Athens, at the first summer conference of our Organization after the covid-19 pandemic, and of course wish you a pleasant stay in Athens.

Above all, however, I wish you an effective conference in order to fulfill the two main roles of the CIOR: to provide advice on Reserve matters and support to the NATO Alliance, and to foster the professional development of reserve officers.

Thank you very much!

President of Supreme Panhellenic Federation of Reserve Officers
VP Greece CIOR
Dr Philippos Kostaras
Captain (R) Hellenic Army

The largest annual meeting of these two organizations is jointly held each summer in a different country and is organized by a separate member of CIOR/CIOMR each year; in 2017, the Congress was held in Prague, Czech Republic, in 2018 Quebec, Canada, 2019 and 2020 in Estonia and 2022 Greece will be hosting the congress in its capital of Athens and surrounding areas.


The Wreath Laying Ceremony is going to take place at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a war memorial located in Syntagma Square in Athens, in front of the Old Royal Palace. It is a cenotaph dedicated to the Greek soldiers killed during war. It was sculpted between 1930 and 1932 by sculptor Fokion Rok. The tomb is guarded by the Evzones of the Presidential Guard.


The Opening Ceremony will take place at Zappeion Megaron. The Zappeion Megaron is a part of national heritage of Greek civilization, designed by T. Hansen (1874-1888). Evangelis Zappas, a Greek patriot and benefactor from North Epirus, envisaged the rebirth of the spirit of ancient Greece and devoted his life to the revival of the Olympic Games and the promotion of the Arts. The Zappeion Megaron has been an active part of Greece's history and that of Hellenism, for the last 130 years. Cultural events of great importance take place within the precinct. The Olympia(d) and Bequests Committee, not only highlights the historical milestones related to the Olympic activities, but also to those related to the cultural identity of Greece in general.

The Gala Dinner is going the be hosted at the Congress hotel, Athenaeum Intercontinental.


The program of CIOR/CIOMR 2022 is available in the table below. Details about each of the sub-events are available through the following links:


Athenaeum Intercontinental

The SC 2022 is going to be hosted in the Athenaeum Intercontinental. The hotel is located nearby the center of Athens, in a walking distance from the main touristic attractions. and the nearest Athens Metro station is eight minutes away.

The Hotel offers spacious accommodation and luxurious facilities that will please even the most demanding guests including elegant rooms and sumptuous suites, a variety of restaurants and lounge/bars, health club, indoor/outdoor swimming pool and one of the biggest congress and banquet centers in Athens. All these, plus spectacular views of the Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill, from the upper floors.


Athenaeum Intercontinental Hotel:

  • Web page:
  • Address: Syngrou Avenue 89-93, Athens 11745, Greece.
  • Target Groups: CIOR Council, CIOR Committees, CISOR, CIOMR, CIMEX, YROW.
  • Room rate per night:
    • 155.00 € per standard room for single use.
    • 165.00 € per standard room for double use.
    • 205.00 € per standard room for triple use.

Please book your accommodation on the following link:  BOOKING


The discounted price is eligible from 28/07/2022 until 07/08/2022 included.

If any problems occur, please contact the hotel.

Hellenic Army Academy

The competition is going to be hosted at the Hellenic Army Academy. The Academy is situated at the southern part of the Attica Peninsula ( 60 minutes (max) bus ride from the Congress hotel) and it can accommodate up to 200 athletes and staff and it has its own Olympic size swimming pool, shooting range and obstacle course . The Military Orientation March will take place at the surrounding s of the Academy.


Hellenic Army Academy:

  • Web page:
  • Address: Leoforos Eyelpidon 64 (Varis - Koropiou) Avenue P.O. 16673.
  • Target Groups: MILCOMP.

Greek Army Infantry School

CLA will be hosted at the Greek Army Infantry School, situated in Halkida, 80 Klms outside of Athens. The Infantry School is located at the Major (Inf) Belissariou John camp, in the city of Chalkida, which was one of the largest Greek cities in antiquity. Worth mentioning is the amazing global phenomenon, observed in Euripus' old bridge, in which the flow of sea water changes direction every six hours.

Originally, the School was founded in Athens in 1926 by the French military force, where it operated until 1935, as Infantry Application School. In 1935 it moved to Thessaloniki, where it operated until 1940. After World War II it was situated in Athens, until 1946. In 1947, it moved to Chalkida, where it operates until today.

Greek Army Infantry School:

  • Web page:
  • Address: Camp "Maj. Velissariou Ioanni" , Chalkis, Hellas.
  • Target Groups: CLA.

Financials & other details

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Financials & other details:

  • Breakfast, coffee breaks and light lunches (ALL in-hotel) are included in the price (Symposium included).
  • Gala dinner is also included in the price (DaL upon ticket purchase).
  • CLA and MILCOMP participants will be provided with food at their respective premises.


General info:


Visit Athens, Greece

A few words about Athens


Athens is the capital and the largest city of Greece. The Municipality of Athens (also City of Athens), which actually constitutes a small administrative unit of the entire city, had a population of 664,046 (in 2011) within its official limits, and a land area of 8.96 km2 (15.04 sq mi). The Athens Urban Area (Greater Athens and Greater Piraeus) extends beyond its administrative municipal city limits, with a population of 3,090,508 (in 2011) over an area of 412 km2 (159 sq mi). According to Eurostat in 2011, the functional urban area (FUA) of Athens was the 9th most populous FUA in the European Union (the 6th most populous capital city of the EU), with a population of 3.8 million people. Athens is also the southernmost capital on the European mainland and the warmest major city in Europe.​ The heritage of the classical era is still evident in the city, represented by ancient monuments and works of art, the most famous of all being the Parthenon, considered a key landmark of early Western civilization.

Athens ranks in the lowest percentage for the risk on frequency and severity of terrorist attacks according to the EU Global Terrorism Database (EIU 2007-2016 calculations). The city also ranked 35th in Digital Security, 21st on Health Security, 29th on Infrastructure Security and 41st on Personal Security globally in a 2017 The Economist Intelligence Unit report. It also ranks as a very safe city (39th globally out of 162 cities overall) on the ranking of the safest and most dangerous countries. A 2019 crime index from Numbeo places Athens at 130th position, rating safer than Tampa, Florida or Dublin, Ireland. According to a Mercer 2019 Quality of Living Survey, Athens ranks 89th on the Mercer Quality of Living Survey ranking.

Athens has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate. The dominant feature of Athens' climate is alternation between prolonged hot and dry summers and mild winters with moderate rainfall. July and August are the driest months when thunderstorms occur sparsely. Furthermore, some coastal areas of Athens, known as the Athens Riviera have a hot semi-arid climate (BSh). Daily average highs for August have been measured around 36 °C or 93 °F in downtown Athens, but some parts of the city may be even hotter for the higher density of buildings, such as the center, in particular, western areas due to a combination of industrialization and a number of natural factors, knowledge of which has existed since the mid-19th century.